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J Wax

Push Button Paste
USA (circa 1958)

Deep inside the Johnson's wax labrotories, a special kind of car cleaner is being blended into a new kind of wax to produce push-button paste waxing for your car.

New instant J-Wax - inside the hard wax suspends it'self as millions of wax molecules for easy spreading - that's the speed waxing secret of new Instant J-Wax.

Just push the button, spread it around, dirt comes off, wax goes on, real wax you can feel. Now buff it lightly to lock in the lustre for months to come. You're done in half the time, paste wax protection with push-button ease.

So let it rain, and watch that water bead. There's nothing like J-Wax to put between your car and the weather. J-Wax, regular in the economy can, instant in the new push-button can.

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