The Video Vault: Ford Essex Terraplane Giveaway

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Ford Essex Terraplane Giveaway

Lets go Terraplaning with "Boots" La Boutillier
USA (circa 1932)

In 1932, Dish Night was a popular movie gimmick. But only in California would they give away a car at the movies...and make a film about it.

The "Little Deuce Coupe" greets the world as Les Firestine's agency delivers smart new 1932 Fords at Fox theaters.

Firestine had some back inventory to clear, as several of the "new" cars on his floor were obviously the previous year's Model A's.

But the real beauty of this film is the stunt sequence a little over half way through the film, when a biplane drops off a rather foolhardy passenger atop a moving Terraplane.

And to think it took until 2005 for our politicians to legislate to prevent car manufacturers from showing such dangerous behaviour.

If only we could ask the politicians how many attempted this stunt after watching this film in 1932, the answer is probably none...

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