Road Safety Commercials: The Blunders, An Everyday Story

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The Blunders, An Everyday Story

Beware Of The Blunders, Clunk-Click
UK (circa 1971)

Ted's going to put his foot down - so what - I'll show you what putting your foot down means. Silly old....whoops!

Hello, me dandruff's back again. Hold on, me luck'll be in here..."Hello Love!".

"Clear Off"

Oh well, can't win 'em all. See what that little cow is doing tonight.

You could meet the Blunders on your way home from work. And no matter how well you think you know the road, and no matter how sensibly you drive, Billy Blunders could be round the next corner.

That's why you should always wear your seat-belt.

Even on the shortest trips, beware of the Blunders. Clunk-Click.

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