Pontiac Commercials: Pontiac Grand Prix

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Pontiac Grand Prix

The Only Car With Wide Track Wheels
USA (circa 1962)

GP - stands for Grand Prix - the name for a new kind of Pontiac, highly personal and specially designed.

The Grand Prix is just four and a half feet from roof line to road, it's more civilised and comfortable than a sports car, with deep praline bucket seats, 5 solid color interiors.

The Grand Prix has rear deck styling all its own, a special grille that say's the Grand Prix is a unique new kind of car. It's luxurious without being stuffed-shirt about it.

The centre console has a spacious compartment, slip it in gear and...takeoff. The Grand Prix is nimble and quick, poised on Pontiac's famous wide-track wheels, it handles as only a Pontiac can.

The new Grand Prix, only Pontiac would build it, only you can enjoy it so much. GP - The Grand Prix by Pontiac.

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