Isuzu Commercials: Isuzu Pickup 4 x 4

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Isuzu Pickup 4 x 4

Choose The One That Meets Your Requirements
USA (circa 1977)

The Isuzu 4 x 4 pickup. The newly launced 4 wheel drive truck from Isuzu of Japan.

With Isuzu's 4 x 4 you can enjoy high speed driving just like a passenger car, you can shift from 2 wheel drive into 4 wheel drive without stopping.

It's powerful on rough roads - the Isuzu 4 x 4 is different from other pick-ups. Muddy roads, rough roads, sand and hills mean nothing with 4 wheel drive.

With good ground clearance it goes right across water. 2 alternative engines, diesel or gasoline. You can also have a 2 wheel drive model with conventional or long wheel base.

Choose the one that meets your requirements, the Isuzu Pickup

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