Holden Commercials: Holden HZ

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Holden HZ

The Test - Supervised by R.A.C.V and C.A.M.S
Australia (circa 1977)

You're about to see a compelling demonstration of a genuine automotive engineering breakthrough. This is new Holden Kingswood SL, equipped like no previous Kingswood - with Radial Tuned Suspension.

Watch it through this snaking 'S', smooth, safe, with a minimum of lean, average speed 75.96 kilometres per hour. Now watch some competitive cars, same test, same driver.

Chrysler CL Valiant, Toyota Cressida. Here's Kingswood SL again. Now XC Falcon 500, 240K Datsun, TE Cortina Six.

Watch new Kingswood SL again, Holden's stabiliser bars and suspension components are matched to the steel belted radial tires - the Radial Tuned Suspension badge means safety and confident road holding - only Holden has it.

Now with push-button radio, electric demister, quartz-halogen headlights. New Kingswood SL, with Radial Tuned Suspension - drive a real change for a change, at your Holden dealers now!

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