Holden Commercials: Holden HX Statesman

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Holden HX Statesman

What Makes It Different Is What Makes It Better
Australia (circa 1976)

Whatever your driving now, this car will make you think again - new thinking from General Motors Holdens. It's different, and it's differences make it better.

It has luxury you'll appreciate, whether your simply driving to your office or attending those important conferences. But couldn't you see all this imported sewn leather, the personal console and air-conditioning in Statesman Caprice...letting it's wheels down on the open road to any place you can think of.

Must the all-new Statesman be part of the busy business world, or can it take a little time for the simple pleasures? Statesman, two new models, the DeVille and the Caprice.

What makes it different is what makes it better.

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