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Holden HK

Annoncing the New Generation Holdens
Australia (circa 1968)

Announcing - The new generation Holden’s. For 1968 an exciting new generation of Holden’s - watch!

The Holden Kingswood sedan. Holden, breathtakingly longer, wider, lower - breathtakingly more handsome. Holden Kingswood Station Sedan.

New fresh flowing lines - the young exciting shape for '68. The Holden Premier sedan - Australia's own car, born again with youthful lines that match its pulsating new power.

Holden, totally new from its "W" shaped front end, its gleaming grille and, on Premier, four headlights and its own distinctive roofline. On all models, bigger wheels, a new standard of road holding, four transmissions, four engines right up to the new five liter V8 - 210 horse power under your toes.

Light steering entirely re-designed, big new dual circuit safety brakes. And inside, all luxury - a choice of bench or bucket seats on all models, more style, more safety, more room.

Deep pile carpet, air-conditioning and power operated windows if you wish. Yes for '68 Holden's got excitement to sell. The New Generation Holden’s for '68, at your Holden dealer now...

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