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Holden EJ

The Millionth Holden
Australia (circa 1962)

Australia. The time – 1945. The Challenge – To establish a full scale automotive manufacturing industry. General Motors Holden’s accepted that challenge, and in 1948 Prime Minister Chifley launched Australia’s own car – Holden.

That was a million Holden’s ago, for on October the 25th, 1962, the millionth Holden came off the assembly line to mark one of the most important milestones ever in the history of Australian industry. From 10 a day in 1948 to 600 a day in 1962, that’s the measure of Holden’s progress and popularity.

Holden is still the only car designed in Australia, for Australia – not just adapted from an overseas model, but Australian through and through; Its Australian content is 99 percent.

Since Holden was launched more than 75 million pounds has been spent on expansion programs to enlarge and improve GMH facilities throughout the 10 interstate plants operating today.

Holden too has been exported to 46 overseas territories, earned more than 20 million pounds in foreign exchange. At the same time it’s kept in this country some 490 million pounds that would otherwise of been required for overseas exchange to purchase a similar number of imported cars.

It’s meant the payment to over 4,300 independent suppliers of some 500 million pounds for materials, parts and services. It’s involved such purchases as 5 million tires, 70 million forgings, 6 million gallons of paint products, 661 thousand tons of  iron and steel.

It’s meant the payment in wages and salaries to GMH employees alone of 220 million pounds, and more than that amount to people involved in Holden production outside GMH. Holden has helped Australia to industrial maturity; it’s provided work for thousands of Australian’s, both old and new; stepped up engineering standards and made “Made in Australia” a new status symbol among the nations of the world. Holden – Australia’s own car, all one million of them, with the look of leadership wherever they go.

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