Holden Gemini Commercials: Full Model Launch

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Holden Gemini

Full Model Launch
Australia (circa 1975)

These days small cars can make a lot of sense - and here's one that makes more sense than most. New Holden Gemini, the little car full of big ideas. Gemini has been developed for Australia by Isuzu motors of Japan, and General Motors Holdens.

Lets take a closer look. All the style, all the comfort, all the features you wanted in a small car - matched with performance proved right for Australia - backed by service and parts where ever you go.

This is the Gemini SL sedan. The SL stands for "Super Luxury". It starts here with Gemini's fully adjustable reclining bucket seats, there shaped to your body. Feel that thick foam cushioning. There's plenty of room to stretch too, Gemini is one small car built for Aussie length legs. So go ahead, kick of your shoes and treat yourself to Gemini's quality loop-pile door-to-door carpet.

Inside the car fresh air is at your fingertips, with Gemini's power boosted flow through ventilation that keeps a constant stream of fresh air circulating throughout. A heater/demister is standard of course, and you can have air-conditioning as one of the few factory fitted options - not just tacked on as an after-thought.

Music while you drive, sure thing, the radio is all part of the standard equipment on the popular SL models. So is the electric clock. And just to show we've left nothing out, the glove box is lockable - a feature not common to many of the popular small cars available in Australia.

Another thoughtful little feature, retractable seat belts. There tidy, and instantly accessable. But if it's great being a Gemini passenger, it's even more fun being a Gemini driver.

Let's have a look at it through the eye's of another little car full of big ideas, the Gemini 2-door SL Sports Coupe. Like the styling? It says action all the way. The coupe has the same interior comfort features as the SL sedan, and it shares the same engine, a very toey but econimical 4 cylinder 1600cc engine with overhead cam. Its got all the power you'll ever need, and the petrol bill wont keep you poor.

Because of Gemini's compact size, you control the car, it doesn't control you. Standard transmission is four-on-the-floor, fast, responsive and fun. Direct precise rack and pinion steering points you straight and true, and you'll stop straight and true with Gemini's front disc brakes. Holden Gemini's dash panel features full international instrumentation, and for extra convenience, Gemini comes complete with a single stalk, that carries your trafficators, headlight dimmer, headlight and hazard warning light controls. There all there, right at your fingertips.

And see that control next to the horn button on the wheel, it's your windsheild wiper and washer switch, right where you want it. Lets see how our family in the SL sedan are making out. And it's here, when your off the beaten track, that Gemini really shines. It's Holden tested, and that means you can trust it to go and keep going over any sort of road surface.

That 4-coil suspension really works when it comes to soaking up the bumps, leaving you to ride in smooth comfort. And you can be reassured by Holden's big standard safety package too, here are just some of them.

One other important thing, Gemini has a boot that's built for luggage, not just left overs, a whopping 10.9 cubic feet. All the things you want in a small car, performance and toughness proved right for Australia. And because it's a Holden, your never far from spare parts or service. And you get the protection of the full GMH 12 month or 20,000 kilometer warranty.

No matter whether you choose the Gemini 2 door SL Sports Coupe, the 4-door SL sedan, or the budget priced Gemini sedan, you'll have a lot of car going for you. You and I and Gemini. That's some combination, and some car...have fun!!

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