Ford Commercials: Ford Galaxie

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Ford Galaxie

Quiet Is The Sound Of A Well-Made Car
USA (circa 1973)

This is the Thiokol Vibration Laboratory in Utah, here our giant vibrators give missile components the shaking of their lives.

This week Ford is using the same vibrators to give the '73 Ford Galaxie 500 over a million bumps and shakes. Ford is out to prove a point.

Quiet is the sound of a well made car.

Before the shake test we took sound readings and got a very quiet 65 decibels, but will this Ford Galaxie 500 be as quiet after a million bumps, shakes and deep vibrations, most of them so fast we had to remove the gas tank and cool the shocks to keep them from overheating?

Now on the same highway at the same speed and conditions, not one decibel point noisier. In Ford Galaxie 500, "Quiet is the sound of a well-made car". See it at your Ford dealers now.

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