Ford Commercials: Ford Mustang

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Ford Mustang

Only Mustang Makes Life Great
USA (circa 1968)

Only Mustang makes it happen, only Mustang makes life great, Mustang moves you, Mustang grooves you, Mustang, Mustang, '68.

Only Mustang makes it happen, only Mustang has the key, Mustang warms you, and transforms you, Mustang, Mustang sets you free, free to be the guy you want to be, free to be the girl your gonna be.

And if you think it's never ever gonna come true, it's going to happen when Mustang happens to you. Only Mustang makes it happen, let it happen it's your fate.

What is it about Mustang that makes it happen, maybe it's the new styling for '68, features to choose from like select-shift and AM-FM stereo radio.

Maybe it's standards like bucket seats, or options like a new 302 V8 and bold racey hood stripes. Or maybe it's just the original idea - the better idea called Mustang. Ford - has a better idea!

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