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Ford Trucks

USA (circa 1959)

Today there's a new word for modern in pickup truck design, it's "FordWard". That's the way you'll go with new Ford trucks for 1959.

Go FordWard in style in the all new Ford Ranchero. It rides like a car, it works like a truck.

For all its high style, it carries over half a ton. Go FordWard with power, power in all four wheels.

Ford's new Four Wheel Drive pickups give you traction enough for a six foot ditch or a sixty percent grade. There your's at low Ford prices too.

Go FordWard for savings with one of thirteen different Ford pickups to choose from for '59.

See them now at your Ford dealer, you'll see the difference, you'll save the difference, when you go FordWard in the new Ford trucks for '59.

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