Ford Commercials: The New '59 Ford

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The New '59 Ford

The Major, Charlie and Bill drive the New '59 Ford with Ward Bond
USA (circa 1959)

You know those old covered wagons used to get people where they wanted to go, but the ride was awful noisy and awful dirty. They didn't know how to build wagons any different. It used to be the same way with cars too, not any more.

You take this new Ford for instance - there's never been a low priced car built like this before. Hey come on you two, lets take her out on the trail.

Major I'll bet this ol' road 'aint been fixed since the first wagon come West. This Ford's built to take it Charlie, built solid right from the ground up, why it's as solid as a car costing two or three times as much money. Sure is quiet too, not a squeak or a rattle.

That's the sign of quality construction Charlie, 'course another reason this car's so quiet is that Ford uses twice as much insulation as other low priced cars, most of it you can't see but one place you can feel it, that's right up here.

And as for protection against weather and dust leaks, Bill you just hold that match up against that window will 'ya. You know Major there's not even enough draft comin' in here to make even this flame wiggle. Folks, there's only one way to prove how solid and how quiet and weather-tight a '59 Ford is, and that's for you to get out and try one out, do it soon.

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