Ford Commercials: Ford Station Wagon Lineup

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Ford Station Wagon Lineup

with Ward Bond
USA (circa 1959)

You know folks, they built these old trail wagons with just two things in mind. They had to be big, and they had to be rugged.

This was the kind of a wagon that filled the bill, so this was the wagon most people used in those days. Today, people still want their wagons big and rugged, but they want 'em good looking and they want 'em convenient.

That's why more people drive Ford Wagon's than any other brand. Ford wagons are bigger and more beautiful than ever this year - and they look like a Station Wagon ought to look.

Just take a peek inside this, notice how the rear seat faces forward, only Ford in the low priced field makes nine-passenger wagons with this sensible seating arrangement.

This model is the Country Sedan, mpw over here is the famous Ford Ranch Wagon, the lowest priced full sized wagon you can buy.

Just let me show you somethin' will ya, one hand is all it takes to open 'er up, you just try and do that with any other low priced wagon. Now here's the wagon that I picked for myself, the most elegant wagon of them all, the Country Squire. It's the only one of its kind in the low priced field. All togther there are six different models in the Ford Station Wagon lineup.

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