Ford Commercials: Ford Galaxie (part 2)

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Ford Galaxie

Just Married, Married in Style
USA (circa 1959)

What a wonderful way to start a honeymoon, the getaway car is the newest Ford of all, the Galaxie, the car that's just been married in style to the Thunderbird.

And what could be more luxurious than the Galaxie's new high fashion interior, with fabrics that are the finest ever offered in a low priced car.

With rich deep-pile carpeting, with dramatic new beauty in every sparkling detail. Inside and out the Galaxie is as elegantly all the way Thunderbird as a low priced Ford can be.

And when you want to leave them all behind, well this fast stepping beauty has the power to do it. And no wonder, because under that high fashion hood is a mighty Thunderbird V8 engine.

You're invited to see this newest, most exciting, most luxurious of the '59 Ford's - the Ford Galaxie - at the reception now going on at your Ford dealers.

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