Ford Commercials: Ford Galaxie

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Ford Galaxie

Just Married, Married in Style
USA (circa 1959)

And now, in the most beautiful wedding of the year, the classic elegance of a '59 Thunderbird joins with the world's most beautifully proportioned car to create the newest, most luxurious most exciting of the '59 Ford's - the Ford Galaxie.

Here in the car that's making its very first appearance this week is the most perfect match yet of the Thunderbird silhouette, the most modern and most wanted new look in cars today, the Galaxie's smart, straight lined roof and distinctive new rear window say Thunderbird unmistakenly, just as it's clean, crisp, low swept body lines say beautiful proportions.

The Galaxie is as wonderfully all the way Thunderbird as a low priced Ford can be. It's elegantly new, right up to its sparkling fashion star grille. This model is the Galaxie Town Victoria, and now, lets look over the other members of the wedding.

Here's the new Galaxie Skyliner, the world's only retractable hard-top. At the touch of a button you can change it from an all steel hard top to a breezy convertible.

Joining it is the new Galaxy Sunliner. Wide open, wonderful and more fun than ever, its sleek styling was inspired by the Thunderbird convertible, the ultimate in convertible luxury. Incidentally, your looking at the only complete line of convertibles in America - from Ford.

In all, there are six Galaxie body styles to choose from including the two-door Club Sedan and the four-door Galaxie Town Sedan, but this reception won't be complete without you! So drop into your Ford dealers this week and see in person the car that's married in style to the Thunderbird. The new Ford Galaxie - the newest most luxurious most exciting of the '59 Fords, the worlds most beautifully proportioned cars.

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