Ford Commercials: 1958 Ford Release

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1958 Ford Release

What Makes a New Car New
USA (circa 1958)

Good evening, I'm Hugh Downs. The occasion here tonight is the introduction of the 1958 Ford's. I'm glad you could join us because were about to show you just what exactly makes a new car new - and I mean really new, in all the things that count.

And now, the car that was proved and approved all around the world, the 1958 Ford's. Ford for '58, new in every way, new styling, new power, new performance, new handling, new comfort, new ride. There's nothing newer in the world.

In styling, again Ford sets the pace with the newest look in automotive design. Every detail is new, beautifully combining fashion and function. metal sculptured into rich beauty, this is true high style, this is bold new style. Notice the strikingly original design of the new sculptured rear deck. The new horizontally mounted safety twin tail lights, and the gracefully high-canted tail fins.

This is the new Ford look that brought home the bravo's from Paris to Saigon. And now, the latest version of America's all time favorite convertible, the new 1958 Ford Sunliner. It's hot, it's handsome, its a honey to handle. Further proof that Ford makes all the difference in the world. Under that hood is Ford's new Interceptor V8 engine with precision fuel induction, the greatest V8 advance in 25 years.

Every nut, bolt, washer is new. A completely new engine delivering up to 300 horse power, greater power from less gas. Team it with Ford's new Crusie-A-Matic drive and you'll get gas savings up to 15% as well as brilliant new responsiveness. And every '58 Ford has new "magic-circle" steering that makes turning as easy as pointing. Here's the '58 Ford Country Squire, one of six new Ford Station Wagon's.

Like all Ford Station Wagon's from Fairlane and Fairlane 500 models it's available with the newest suspension system in the industry - Ford Air suspension. It rides you smooth and level regardeless of load or road conditions. In styling, in performance, in handling, in comfort, in all the things that really make a new car new, there's nothing newer in the world than the '58 Ford. It's at your Ford dealers now!

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