Ford Commercials: The New Ford for '57

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The New Ford for '57

It Sounds Expensive
USA (circa 1957)

This is the new kind of Ford - a low priced car that not only looks, rides and handles like an expensive car, but sounds like one too.

And how a car sounds is a good indication of how it is built. When you slam the trunk lid of a Ford for instance, you hear a good solid sound.

And each time you open and close the precision fitted doors you hear further proof of Fords solid construction.

Even the quiet hum of the power windows and four-way power seats reflects quality craftsmanship.

Now there's a sound that signals adventure ahead. The distinctive sound of Thunderbird V8 power.

And of course every Ford owner gets used to hearing this...

But most of the time all you'll ever hear will be the quiet ticking of the clock or music on the radio.

Distracting road and engine noise just can't get in, because this Ford is the most thoroughly insulated and sound conditioned car in its field. Action test this new kind of Ford soon, what you hear, and don't hear, will be further proof that the '57 Ford is the fine car, at half the fine car price.

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