Ford Commercials: The New Ford for '57

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The New Ford for '57

The Mark of Tomorrow
USA (circa 1957)

When a new 1957 Ford arrives in the neighbourhood you can be pretty sure that one of the first admirers on the scene will be, that's right, the young expert who lives next door.

Boy - what a space ship this'd make. Well it may not have quite the range for a trip into outer space Tommy, but it sure has the mark of tomorrow in every line - it's the new kind of Ford for '57.

The largest, longest, lowest Ford ever built. No matter how you look at it, from the new contoured headlights to the dashing high cantof the tail fins, Ford's sculptured lines say "action".

The rakish modern slant of the thinner windsheild pillers make cars with vertical pillars look middle-aged. The new steering wheel permits easier handling, and gives you more room.

The instruments are clustered within easy view of the driver, and all controls are recessed for greater safety. And the new luxury lounge interiors are the greatest.

Now - how 'bout a real ride Tommy, where to? In this car?, gee anywhere! And anywhere was never closer of more fun to get to than in the new 1957 Ford.

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