Ford Commercials: Ford Fairlane 500

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Ford Fairlane 500

with Ernie Ford
USA (circa 1957)

Do you know it's almost June? Anybody out there headin' for a weddin'? Now you let Uncle Ern give you some practical advice. Well you know you old married hands can listen to this advice too.

Now it's natural when a young couple want's to start out married life with the brand new car, and you probably want it with all the fancy frills too, well now you don't have to go payin' a fancy price.

You don't have to when Ford put's out this whistlin' Fairlane 500. Isn't that somethin'? It beats the medium priced cars at their own game by giving you the same luxury only at much lower prices, and that includes all the trimmings too now. Like for instance in here they've got radio, heater, power steering, automatic transmission, white side-wall tires, two-tone paint.

You know when you buy a low priced Ford your've got money left over for extra's, so why settle for a stripped down bottom of the line medium priced car, when for less money you can get a big fully equipped Ford like this?

Fact is, model for model the way most people want their cars, Ford is priced lower than its nearest competitor in the low priced field, and that's only the beginning of your savings when you team it up with a Thunderbird V8 engine with cruise-a-matic drive - you can start puttin' up to 15 cents out of every gas dollar right in the piggy bank.

So much for savings, now lets talk about looks. You'll have to get up pretty early in the morning to find a car that will do you any prouder than a Ford Fairlane 500, or that'll ride you any safer.

Like every Ford, it has safety glass in every window. So whether your headin' for a honeymoon or a golden anniversary, remember you can pay more but what for? You can't buy better, than a new Ford!

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