Ford Commercials: The 1957 Ford Truck Lineup

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The 1957 Ford Truck Lineup

Style-Side Body Standard at No Extra Cost
USA (circa 1957)

Only modern styling, functional styling now can be yours in a truck. Here's Fords 1957 pickup with style-side body standard at no extra cost.

The straight-back sides give you the largest pick-up body in the truck industry, and when you take the wheel you'll experience new comfort, riding and handling ease that's mighty close to that of a car. Test drive Ford style-side at your Ford dealer soon...

They're boldly modern, modern through and through, new '57 Ford Trucks. Look it's more than a car, look again it's more than a truck, it's the new Ford Ranchero.

Here are one of Fords new Tilt-Cab's from America's lowest price Tilt-Cab line, and this modern pick-up with style-side body, the most load space of any pick-up, it's standard at no extra cost from Ford. See your Ford dealer soon...

Now at last the style and efficiency of modern air transport is matched on the ground. Look!, it's more than a car. Look again, it's more than a truck. It's the new Ford Ranchero.

Look, sleek as any show-pony, it rides and handles like a car. Look again, it's a real pack-horse too, handles more than half a ton. Price?, less than you might think, see your Ford dealer.

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