Ford Commercials: The Ford Taxi Cab

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The Ford Taxi Cab

New York City:
USA (circa 1957)

This is my stake-out, Times Square - the toughest taxi stand in the world. Names Bud Turner, number 2475.

And this is my cab, a '57 Ford - nice lookin' eh'? For you should see it in action, for instance the other day I pick up a fare at the Plaza hotel - now this guy's really in a hurry.

Take me to idle while airport he says, I've got 30 minutes to catch a plane. OK, I said, relax, this baby will get you there.

Well you should see the way that Ford threads a needle through them cross town streets, manouveres like a fly on a hot dime.

And take off from the lights, man, it's like one of them jets, except for the noise of course, cause this Ford's so quiet that most of the time all I can hear is the meter ticking.

Well we make the airport in a breeze and I make a nice fat tip, 'cause my fare says this is the sweetest ridin' cab he's ever been in. New York's like that, everybody in a hurry.

But that's ok with me, this Ford will out hustle any other cab on the streets. It'll hold up longer too. I've got thrity two thousand miles on it already, and it's still tight as a drum. When you have to drive for a livin', you might as well drive the best I say.

New York Taxi Cab companies are buying more '57 Ford's than any other make. When you action test the new kind of Ford, you'll know why.

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