Ford Commercials: The Inner Ford

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The Inner Ford

See All the Inner Qualities:
USA (circa 1956)

Well there's a family that really likes to look into what they're buying - smart idea too.

But you know, no matter how hard or long they look at that new Ford, they'll never see all the extra quality and special features that went into all parts of the car.

The "Inner Ford" is something you'll never see. And that's why were running this two-page spread in this weeks Life, I hope you'll read it.

Fact is, it tells the inside story of the '56 Ford so well, we've had this big reproduction made for your Ford dealer showroom.

See all these lines, well each of them points to one of the inner qualities that Ford gives you at Ford's low prices. For example right here is the line that points to the glass fibre insulation and felt that line the Ford roof.

You'll never see it, but you'll sure know it's there every time your riding in a quiet Ford. And here's another Ford exclusive, this five cross-member K-bar frame has the highest torsional ridgidity in its field.

Now these are just a few of the reasons why Ford is a quieter, more snugly built car, why Ford is ahead of its competition. Drop in at your Ford dealers and let him give you the full story on the "inner-Ford". You'll discover the advantages of owning the car that goes first, with all the things that count most - the 1956 Ford.

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