Ford Commercials: 1956 Ford Theatre

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1956 Ford Theatre

Master Guide Power Steering
USA (circa 1956)

Ford Theatre, presented by Ford, originator of "lifeguard" design, and the Ford dealers of your community. In this corner, Miss Ann Heart, weight 98 pounds. And in this corner, and we really mean corner, is her 1956 Ford, weight 3,600 pounds.

Now watch how easily she makes this ton-and-a-half car do what she want's it to do. Just a touch is all it takes, because her Ford has "Master-Guide" power steering, a Ford option that does up to 75% of her steering work. It's a sqeeze like this, a breeze like this.

Ford's Master Guide power steering supplies the muscle - all she does is guide the car. Turning effort is reduced to almost nothing, driving pleasure is increased immeasurabily.

And when your forced into water, snow or loose sand you don't have to fight the wheel to control the car. See, all steering is easier with Master Guide power steering.

On a smooth straight away however, Ford's power steering is just like regular steering, you don't loose the natural feel of the wheel. Ford's Master Guide power steering makes your driving safer, more relaxed on any kind of road. And this year its suggested price is almost one third lower. Test drive a Ford, with Master Guide power steering at your Ford dealers soon.

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