Ford Commercials: Ford Trucks for '55

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Ford Trucks

What Is The First Thing a Smart Horse-Buyer Does?
USA (circa 1955)

What is the first thing a smart horse-buyer does?

Just this - sure, he knows it's more than appearances that count with a horse, and if your wise you'll do the same thing when it comes to buying a truck.

Yes sir, you look under the hood, because here is where truck buying begins. Look for the one big advance that is revolutionizing engine performance and gas savings - look for modern short-stroke design.

And in 1955 only Ford, the largest builder of V8 engines, makes a short stroke V8 for every truck size, from pick-ups to 60,000 pound big jobs.

As you see here, modern short-stroke engine design means that the stroke is shorter than the bore.

This reduces piston travel and piston speed - piston rings last as much as 53% longer, and you get longer engine life. You also get more power, more punch and save up to 1 gallon per tank.

To make sure your new truck has this totally new type of engine look under the hood - look for a Ford short-stroke engine V8 or Six in a money-maker. A new Ford triple economy truck for 1955, they're at your Ford Dealers now...

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