Chevrolet Commercials: Chevrolet for 1955

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Chevrolet for 1955

I Am An Engine
USA (circa 1955)

I am an engine, my mother was imagination, my father molten metal. In me is power, churning power, turning power, burning power in eight busy breathing cylinders.

I am Chevrolet's new Turbo-Fire V8, an engine that keeps car wheels rolling.

One hundred and sixty two horses are racing inside me, every one a stallion of power. I cover ground straight, fast, steady...distance is my challenge, my glory.

I eat miles, not gasoline. These are my brothers, Chevrolet's high stepping blue flame sixes - no chips off the old block, these sixes are new, all new and act it!

Mountains melt, hills hide when they see 'em coming. Were highway spanners, seven league boots that cover a continent.

Power, that's what we sing out...Performance, that's what we sell in eights, in sixes, in all new motoramic Chevrolet's. Power, performance, this is our story!

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