Buick Commercials: Buick LeSabre

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Buick LeSabre

1971 Buick, Something to Believe In
USA (circa 1971)

We’ve prepared a special demonstration to show you the new balanced braking system on the 1971 Buick LeSabre.

A unique valve automatically proportions braking forces front to rear, to help give you quick, smooth straight line stops.

The test track is a narrow plate-glass corridor with another sheet of plate glass at the end.

Our driver will head into the glass corridor at 60 miles an hour, he’ll have just a short distance to stop smooth and straight.

He’ll stop on dry pavements similar to the roads you drive on every day. If it doesn’t work you’ll know.

We give you better reasons to buy a car than anybody else, our balanced braking system is just one of them.

1971 Buick, something to believe in.

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