Australian Oil Commercials: Esso

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Sealed for Your Protection
Australia (circa 1966)

Esso Extra here as well? Mmm, sure, that's the oil that’s canned for my protection isn’t it? Sealed, sealed for your protection – you’ve been reading our ads. It seems cans are the thing for motor oil now.

Your dead right! Put motor oil in a can and nothing gets at it, dust, rain, nothing.

Does it make any difference? Sure does, this canned oil is guaranteed 100% pure, its fresh, its clean, it gets better performance from your engine – it really saves money on petrol, the better the oil the more miles to the gallon.

Say – that makes Esso Extra petrol and Esso Extra oil a great team. Uh-huh, their made for each other, use them together and both ways your cars getting the best in the world. Mmm, that’s some quality.

That’s Esso, that’s why all our oils are now in cans – to keep the best at its best. I know, sealed for your protection. Esso oils, now all in cans, sealed for your protection.

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