Australian Oil Commercials: BP Energol

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BP Energol

Quality Controlled by the "Electronic Brain"
Australia (circa 1956)

This new oil-blending plant has been built by BP Australia Limited to meet the ever increasing demands for BP Energol lubricants.

The plant is the most modern in Australia and can produce 200 kinds of automotive, industrial and marine oil.

It's a plant that thinks for itself, all its operations are controlled by this "Electronic Brain" to ensure there can be no variaiton in the high quality of BP Energol motor oils.

Further checks on quality are made here by a chemist, and later with this "Spectrographic" testing equipment.

It is this constant attention to quality that qualifies BP Energol for the highest of all recommendations.

For BP Energol is recommended by Rolls Royce, so when you ask for Energol Oil, you can be sure your getting the finest of all motor oils. Buy BP Energol where you see this sign.

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