Australian Oil Commercials: Amoco

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Amoco In Your Machine

Look After the Escape Machine
Australia (circa 1973)

Everyday there's so much to do, city living catches up with you, you've gotta work and sleep and socilaise too, there's no time to think in this human zoo.

Weekend's up and you shine the car, listen to the radio your favorite pop star, must escape from the shreik in the street far far, find someone you like and hit the tar.

Hey babe it's a beautiful day, fill up the tank and were on our way, but we gotta look after this escape machine so we go for the petrol that's nice and clean.

Amoco, nice and clean, Amoco in your machine, Amoco, final filtered, Amoco, you know it's nice clean petrol, Amoco, nice and clean, Amoco in your machine, Amoco final filtered...

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