Austin Commercials: Austin Morris 1100

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Austin Morris 1100

A Little Certificate That Mean's A Lot
Australia (circa 1962)

There's a lot more to this business of servicing cars than most people think. And when you think that the value of your new car depends on the man who services it, then he's pretty important to you.

If your new car is an Austin, or a Morris, then your on the winning side to begin with, because British Leyland make cars to last - get the point? Good!

Now take a look at this, every Austin Morris dealer has a certificate like this hanging on the wall of the service department.

It doesn't look too important, but it means a lot. It means your Austin Morris dealer knows how to look after the cars he sells. It means he's trained to know exactly what makes your car go, and how to keep it going.

It means he has the knowledge, the equipment and the parts to keep your Austin or Morris in the condition it was when you first bought it.

A little certificate that means a lot, because, like we said, the value of your new car depends entirely on how it's looked after. It's a point well worth remembering, and it's somthing your Austin Morris dealer never forgets.

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