American Motors Commercials: Deep Coil Springs

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American Motors

Deep Coil Springs
USA (circa 1958)

Well that was all very clear if you were a duck, but here's what Donald was trying to teach the boys. See these two pairs of springs, these are longer and wider than these shorter stiffer springs.

Now everybody knows that a longer wider spring like this has a much softer smoother action than the short springs you find on most cars. But not on Hudson's, no sir! Hudson cars are built with these exclusive deep coil springs to give you a ride that's three times softer and smoother.

They're safer too, here's why, these deep coil springs are placed above the centre of gravity. In most cars the short springs are below the centre of gravity. It's easy to see the Hudson with its deep coil springs is much more stable on turns and curves.

There's little or no uncomfortable swing and sway in a Hudson. Here's another thing you'll like about the Hudson Hornet - you have your choice of the latest greatest of the V8 engines, the Hudson Hornet V8 or the famous National Championship six.

American Motors has really rolled out the red carpet with the completely new Hornet's and Wasp's. See them, drive them at your Hudson dealers now!

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