American Motors Commercials: Nash for '55

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Nash for '55

with Donald Duck, Huey, Duey and Luey
USA (circa 1955)

Well alright Donald, if you want to stick to those old-fashioned stiff short springs, go ahead and be miserable. It doesn't cost any more to float along on the exclusive new years ahead deep coil springs in a Hudson Hornet or Wasp.

You get three times as soft and smoother ride, a much safer ride too because those longer springs sit high above the centre of gravity, combat car sway.

And have you seen the beautiful new idea '55 Rambler, with its smart new two-tone colors? Its got deep coil springs too that take all the headaches out of driving in today's crowded traffic.

Let's say your a salesman, or a housewife out shopping, always looking for a place to park. The Rambler's your car, because you can park it easily in small spaces, yet it's a full size family car and gives you up to 30 miles to the gallon.

And with the Rambler's low price and high mileage you can afford one for you and your wife too. Check your Hudson dealer and see how little it costs to be a 2 car family.

Like the Hornet and Wasp, the Rambler has airliner reclining seats, twin travel beds and the twice as safe double strength single unit body. All mighty good reasons why American Motors means more for Americans...

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