American Motors Commercials: Nash for '55

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Nash for '55

with Mickey and Pluto
USA (circa 1955)

Gosh Pluto, the '55 Nash sure is a beauty! That's right Mickey, and it has a new Jetfire V8 engine that really takes off. It's a big solid car that whips around the sharpest curves.

A family car that turns and handles like a dream. And that's not all, Nash has the widest wrap-around windshield of all. Come on Pluto old boy, where going to see the 1955 Nash.

Yes for '55 come with Nash into a new motoring age, thrill to brand new power, a new 208 horse powever Jetfire V8 engine to give you get up and go performance that commands the American road.

There's a new sceneramic wrap-around windshield, widest of any car, and for '55 Nash gives you completely new handling ease, even on sharpest curves you'll cling to the road like a streamlined train.

Huge Nash deep-coil springs inclined at an angle work like sea-legs to give you greater stability on curves. Ever see a big family car manouver like this, a big car that could turn like this? Yes for a totally new driving experience thrill test the new Nash Ambassador and Statesman at your Nash dealers tomorrow, another reason why American Motors means more for Americans...

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