American Motors Commercials: Nash for '55

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Nash for '55

Dream That Your Wish Will Come True
USA (circa 1955)

A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you see a star.

A Nash is a star of car makes, it out shines all others by far. Now come with Nash into a new motoring age, see the brightest new star of all, Nash for '55, with completely new trendsetting style inspired by the magnificent Nash Healey, Europes finest.

Only the beginning folks, just look inside. Here's the biggest room on the road, with the widest front seat of any car, and intriguing high fashion styling.

Here are reclining seats for the world's most restfull ride. There are even twin travel beds to nap the children on long trips. Yes for '55 vision unlimited through a new scenaramic windshield, widest of any car.

Look into a new motoring world from behind the wheel of a new Nash Ambassador or Statesman. Drive Nash for '55 at your Nash dealers tomorrow. If you keep on believin', dream that your wish will come true, you'll love Nash for '55 or my name isn't Jiminy Cricket.

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