Oil, Petrol and Road Safety Video and Promotional Clips

No boss would dare treat an employee quite the way
poor Stanley was treated...

BP Superlife
Australian Petrol and Oil Commercials:

Don’t dismiss these wonderful old Australian Oil Company commercials before you have taken a look! The BP Superlife commercial featuring an XA Falcon eating up the miles not only features some great cinematography, but a wonderful soundtrack to-boot. And then there are the Golden Fleece "We Love Stanley" ads, you should check out the way Stanley is treated at the hands of his domineering boss in the first commercial, it shows just how far work place relations have come (and attitudes have changed) over the years. In fact, the petroleum and oil company pages featured in the Heritage section of this site remain very popular, and we are sure these wonderful old commercials will be so too. View >>

American Oil
US Petrol and Oil Commercials:

Some interesting if not comical commercials from the 1950's through the 1970's, including the infamous Shell "Platformate" commercial. Those old enough to remember will know the controversy surrounding the special "ingredient", a magic substance that supposedly added pickup, power and extra mileage to your tank. Of course all petrol contained Platformate, as it does butane, naptha, iso-pentane and (these days) ethanol. But the main ingredient?, well around 60% is Platformate! View >>
Road Safety Commercials
Road Safety Commercials:

Road Safety is an often overlooked subject, but one of great importance. The campaigns encouraging drivers to take more care date back to the early 1950's, and with each new decade the politicians needed to legislate to help us save ourselves. Sure, the reckless minority have forced rather draconian laws to be passed in recent years, but as you will see from this selection of road safety commercials taken from over the decades, the message has been there for all (and unfortunately often disregarded). Don't drink and drive, slow down and concentrate. View >>
Kevin Dennis
Kevin Dennis Commercials:

An icon of used car sales through the 60's, 70's and 80's, Kevin Dennis (whose real name was Dennis Gowing) became a familiar face to anyone who lived in Melbourne, and owned a television. The commercials may have dated a little, but they were catchy and certainly delivered the message. Gowing's car-yard success would allow him to to follow his real passion, fine food. In 1976 he was a founding partner in the highly fashionable Jacksons Restaurant in Toorak, while his East Melbourne "Gowings Restaurant" continued to receive rave reviews. Sadly, Dennis Gowing lost his battle with cancer in 1991. Here are a handful of the old ads, that prove just how innovative (and perhaps a little controversial by today's standards) the KD commercials were. View >>
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