Volkswagen Kubelwagen

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Volkswagen Kubelwagen

1940 - 1944
Flat 4.
1131 cc
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
Number Built:
5 star
As early as January of 1938, moves were afoot to produce a military version of the Beetle for the war that lie ominously ahead. There were many, many prototypes, but eventually two main vehicles emerged as the war-time KdF-Wagens.

They were the K�belwagen (literally, "bucketcar", but actually an abbreviated version of K�belsitzewagen, "bucket seated car") and the Schwimmwagen ("swim car"). The latter was an amphibious vehicle with a rear-mounted propeller for water navigation. Only 14,283 were produced.

The K�belwagen was much more plentiful and practical than the Schwimmwagen. It is an extremely austere, rugged automobile built simply for war-use.

About 50,000 were made. Survivng examples of both cars are scarce and very collectible. Production was from 1940-44 for the K�bel and 42-44 for the "Schwimmer".

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Posted 714 days ago
I grew up driving one in the early 70 s mine was<a href=" *** xahzdhemovj *** "> aardley</a> used and it never let me down using it all the way through colleage and 5 years after. what i would do to have that little bug back.
Posted 714 days ago
I owned a Beetle in 1968 and drove it for over 150,000 miles. The amazing thing was that we had over 100,000 miles on the orinigal tires before I changed them.Thanks for making your site have enjoyed it will be back often. *** gzqlzidqw *** [url= *** mnlbmmlhgm *** ]mnlbmmlhgm[/url] [link= *** dgzpzx *** ]dgzpzx[/link]
Posted 717 days ago
Just a cog in the wheel on this on sir. The major player was What We Do Media, and Luke Tipple, the hard<a href=" *** wygakubsim *** "> wnrkiog</a> vehicle guys were lead by Greg Moondog Mooney.It will all come out in the wash same crew that pulled off Gillette;)
Posted 717 days ago
Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brgihtened my day!
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