Toyota Corolla (2nd Generation)

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Toyota Corolla (2nd generation)

1970 - 1974
4 cyl.
70/102 bhp
3 spd. auto / 4 & 5 spd. man
Top Speed:
Number Built:
Toyota Corolla Coupe
While the original Corolla was a very good, solid and reliable car, many considered it a little too small and underpowered for Australian roads.

Toyota quickly recognised the need to make the Corolla larger and endow it with more power. Thus the second generation Corolla arrived in 1970, with its wheelbase stretched to 91.9 inches and power coming from a new 1.2 liter version of the OHV four making 73 horsepower.

The strut front and leaf spring rear suspension carried forward. Slight though the nearly two-inch wheelbase stretch may seem, and with minimal styling changes, the 1970 Corolla was a significantly more comfortable and confident machine than the '69 version.

Importantly, the car was finding favour from young women, and so Toyota introduced a new 3 speed automatic transmission to help widen its appeal. While the Corolla could never expect to usurp to Kingswood and Falcon mad Australian public, in global terms the Corolla became the second best selling car!

In 1971 the engine capacity was increased to 1.6 liters and output expanded to 102 horsepower. The grille was redesigned for the 1972 model year, becoming fussier while giving little aesthetic advantage - although it was an attempt by the designers to give the car a classier more up-market look.

There were few changes for either 1973 or 1974 other than larger bumpers to accommodate US federal regulations and the introduction of sporty SR5 models with five-speed manual transmissions.

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