Rover P5

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Rover P5 V8

1967 - 1973
United Kingdom
3528 cc
185 bhp
3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
177 km/h
Number Built:
3 star
The Rover P5 3 liter range had established itself as one of the best selling British luxury cars of the Sixties.

By 1967 the 3 liter was beginning to show its age and a new powerplant was needed, enter one the famous British engines of all time, the Rover V8.

The V8 engine was really a copy of a 1959 American Buick design and measured 3528cc. The engine developed over 144bhp and in fact still remains in production today (although in much modified form!)

The body of the new model, known as the P5B 3.5 liter, remained similar to the old model although the sporty, Rostyle road wheels hinted at the extra performance.

Power steering and automatic transmission were now standard equipment and the car continued to appeal to its loyal customer base.

As before the Saloon model featured an elegant four door body and sold in higher numbers than the Coupe version. Production of the P5B continued until 1973.

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