Porsche 914

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Porsche 914

1969 - 1975
Aircooled Flat 4
1679 / 1991cc
80 / 100bhp
5 spd. man
Top Speed:
107 mph / 171 km/h
Number Built:
3 star
Born from a misconceived concept by Porsche to build an affordable sports car for the masses, the 914 was launched in 1969 using a Karmann-built targa top. Using the Volkswagen sourced VW 411 motor (producing 80bhp), its top speed was a laclustre 107mph / 171kmh.

Later versions had the Porsche sourced 2-liter unit, and there was even a 6 cylinder model using the Porsche flat 6 motor (however this was short lived).

Easily dismissed, the 914 did have very good road manners, and the build quality was the equal of anything else Porsche was building at the time.

VW-Porsche 914/6 Quick Specs

Coupe with removable top, mid-engined, 2 doors, 2 seats. (also 914 model with 1.7-liter four-cylinder, fuel-injected Volkswagen engine).

Engine: Horizontally-opposed six-cylinder, air-cooled. Bore 80 mm. Stroke 66 mm. Cubic capacity 1991 cc. Compression ratio 8.6 : 1. Two three-choke Weber carrburetters. Electronic ignition and alternator. Power-output 110 bhp (DIN) at 5800 rpm. Max torque 116 lb. ft. at 4200 rpm.

Transmission: Rear engine, rear drive. Five-speed all-synchromesh manual: 3.36, 4.10, 5.40, 7.86, 13.68. Reverse 13.84. Porsche "Sportomatic" (optional extra semi-automatic/torque converter): 3.80, 5.53, 6.86, 10.61. Reverse 11.15. Top gear per 1000 rpm 21.8. mph. Limited-slip differential.

Chassis and suspension: Unitary body and all-independent suspension. Front, longitudinal torsion bars, rear, coil springs and semi-trailing arms. Four-wheel disc brakes (ATE). Rack and pinion steering.

Dimensions: Wheelbase 8 ft. 0.25 in. Track, front 4 ft. 5.5 in., rear, 4 ft. 6.4 in. Length 13 ft. 0.7 in. Width 5 ft. 5 in. Height 4 ft. 0.5 in. Ground clearance 5.2 in. Turning circle 36 ft. Unladen weight 2070 lb. Fuel tank capacity 13.7 gallons (Imp). tires 165-15.

Maximum speed: 120 mph.

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