Peugeot 203

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Peugeot 203

1948 - 1960
In Line 4
1300 to 1468cc
up to 59bhp (44kw)
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
Number Built:
685,828 (all models)
3 star
From 1948 to 1954 the Peugeot 203 was the sole model in the Peugeot lineup, but what a beauty it was. Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in October, the new Peugeot represented the first totally new post-war car, and in the process Peugeot adopted a unique model policy.

The 203 was built on a monocoque shell, and featured quite an unusual engine design for a standardised production car, 4 cylinders with hemispherical Alpax cylinder heads and V-inclined valve heads, with the spark plugs being fitted in a central well.

It may not have been the most powerful or gracious car around, but few could rival its strength and durability. Manufactured at the Peugeot facility in Sochaux, such was the popularity of the car that some 685,828 would be manufactured until manufacture of the 203 finally came go a halt in February, 1960.

The 203 would make an indelible mark on the Australian motoring history annals when Ken Tubman and John Marshell drove one in the inaugural 1953 Redex Round Australia Trial.

Few thought the underpowered 1.3 liter  Peugeot capable of finishing the race, particularly as it was in “stock” condition, but finish it did – in first place.

In total there were eleven 203’s entered in the Redex Trial, the 203’s proving to be somewhat unbreakable, and all eleven cars would finish without major incident.

In 1956 the Peugeot 404 would take out the event again, proving once and for all just how durable the post war Peugeots were.

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