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Following his training with the Great Western Railway, Morgan would set up a car dealership in Malvern Link, Worcestershire. Here, and in his spare time, the young Morgan would build his own iterations, one such three wheeled version using a Peugeot engine and independent front suspension. Believing in the genius of his son, Morgan’s clergyman father would finance the establishment of the Morgan Motor company in 1910, then manufacturing the now famous 3 wheelers using JAP engines.

Immediately successful, the company would hit a production high of 1000 by 1914, then after World War 1 sales would boom, particularly with the release of the four-seater “Family Morgan” of 1919. The V-Twin engine proved tractable and powerful, and would quickly garner legend status with those of a racing inclination. The first “four-wheeler” came in 1935 with the release of the 4/4, the company forced to add the extra wheel when it became evident the time of the 3 wheelers was coming to an end.

The final 3-wheeler was manufactured in 1952, and the 4/4 was replaced by the 2.1 liter Plus Four in 1950. H.F.S. Morgan would pass in 1959, however he left the company to his four daughters and son Peter. Many thought the company would soon fold, but instead it would flourish. The Rover V8 powered Plus 8 was released in 1968, it using design cues from the original 3 wheel two seat design of 1910.

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Morgan 4/4  

Morgan Plus 4

1950 - 1969
The great difficulty in writing about the Plus 4 is that the car spanned so many decades, remaining almost unchanged since 1910 - except for the addition of a fourth wheel, a few minor suspension changes to go with, and a slightly updated engine. Even in the mid 1960's the car was antique, the US government deciding that it was no longer suitable for import, with production finally coming to an end in 1969. More >>
Morgan 4/4  

Morgan 4/4

1955 -
This car, like all Morgans, used a simple ladder-frame chassis, sliding pillar front suspension and ash framing for its steel or light alloy bodies. More >>
Morgan +8

Morgan +8

1968 -
Production of the Morgan Plus 8 has seen over 4,000 cars being built to date. Like the 4/4 there still exists a waiting list of several years as demand for this unique car is still healthy. More >>
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