Mercedes Benz 170V

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Mercedes Benz Model 170V

1936 - 1953
4 cyl.
1697 - 1767cc
38 - 45 bhp
4 spd. manual
Top Speed:
72 mph / 116 kmh
Number Built:
3 star
Mercedes 170V
The Mercedes 170V is unique in that it spanned the entire war and, somewhat by default, became Mercedes fist post war model.

First shown to the public at the Berlin Auto Show in February 1936, the vehicle was offered in an extraordinary array of body combinations including two and four door sedans and convertibles, a cabriolet limousine, delivery van, ambulance and even police car.

By 1942 almost 90,000 170's had been manufactured, with passenger cars accounting for over 70,000 of those. Naturally many were converted to charcoal burning models during the war.

In April 1945 Daimler Benz executives announced that the company had "ceased to exist", however some of the less damaged manufacturing plants fell into the Allied occupied zone and, after as many ex-employees could be located, production resumed on the 170. 

Fortunately for us this great marque survived - thanks to the humble 170!

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