Mazda MX5

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Mazda MX5

1988 -
4 cyl.
1839 cc
107 kw
5/6 spd. man / 4 spd. auto
Top Speed:
114 mph / 182 km/h
Number Built:
2 star
Mazda MX5
The MX5 was of course not the first sports car to be manufactured by Mazda, but it was the first to use a more traditional engine design. (The preceding Cosmo coupe and RX7 sports cars used rotary internal-combustion engines).

With the MX5, Mazda proved to the other big car manufacturers of the world that small, relatively cheap sportscars could be built in large numbers again - and most importantly at a profit.

Many claim if it were not for the MX5, manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo, BMW, Porsche and even Mercedes would never have followed suit and produced small, reasonably affordable roadsters. No one can deny that the MX5 has had a huge impact on the market and a development of the new range of affordable sportscars.

The MX5 owes much to the Lotus Elan, as that is where its designers sought inspiration - although Mazda always wanted to ensure that its car would be more reliable and solid than the little Lotus. They also wanted to ensure their new sports car offered modern "sedan" type comfort levels, despite the inevitable noise and climate problems associated with a "rag top".

The MX5 was re-skinned for 1998 - regrettably losing its pop-up headlights in the process, but the car remained essentially unchanged. It is difficult to improve a car that is already just about ideal - unless of course you add a turbo - but that is another story.

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