Lamborghini Miura

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Lamborghini Miura

1966 - 1972
3929 cc
350-385 bhp
5 spd. man
Top Speed:
273 km/h
Number Built:
4 star
This dramatic road car lifted Lamborghini to the manufacturer of advanced supercars, surpassing Ferrari in some pundits eyes.

Ferruccio Lamborghini used a young team to design a super-sportscar and they used principles from the latest F1 cars and sports racers. Ferruccio deemed this car to be more of a show car, but the Miura (named after a Spanish fighting bull) became one of Lamborghini's biggest and most profitable models.

The engine was a 350bhp V12 and was mounted transversely behind the cockpit. At the back of the engine was a special transaxle with a light alloy crank case seen as unique in such a high performance vehicle.

Coil springs and wishbones suspended the chassis. Marcello Gandini added some appealing style to the Miura. "Eyelashes" were added to the flip-up lights along with a louvered engine cover making it arguably the best-looking Lamborghini ever.

A year later it went into full manufacture with its top speed being 273 km/h and its balance, traction and cornering putting it head and shoulders above the rest. Its only complaints were noise whilst driving, and the heavy gear change.

The S model of 1969 had a stiffer chassis, its tires were wider and its suspension was better. It also had vented disc brakes, air-conditioning and power windows.

The 1971 SV was seen as the best with its redesigned front and rear suspension which stopped aerodynamic lift. The SV lasted only one year, finishing in 1972.

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