Jaguar XJ6

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Jaguar XJ6

1968 - 1987
United Kingdom
6 cyl.
2791/4235/3442 cc
180-245 bhp
4/5 spd. man 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
199 km/h
Number Built:
2 star
Jaguar XJ6
The XJ6 was launched in 1968 with a design that boasted ride comfort, quietness and great road-handling. It was a front-engined, rear-wheel drive, coil-sprung saloon and had a ride that was softer and quieter than a Rolls Royce.

In the beginning it was powered with the familiar XK 6-cylinder engine with the V-12 arriving in 1972. Most of the XJ6's were auto, all had power steering and a few had a short-stroke 2.8 liter engine. Like its predecessors this car was comparatively cheap to buy, being half the price of its nearest competitor, the Mercedes.

By the time the Series 3 emerged quality was being questioned. Consumers lost confidence and sales plummeted. In 1980 John Egan arrested flagging sales with a huge drive to improve quality.

In 1984 Jaguar went public and in North America the XJ6 broke all sales records resulting in huge profits that allowed the development of its successor.

Today they have seen a resurgance in popularity, and represent great value when looking for a prestige classic automobile.

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