Jaguar Mk. VIII

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Jaguar Mk. VIII

1956 - 1959
United Kingdom
6 cyl. OHV
3,442 cc
210 bhp / 156.6 kW
4 spd. manual
Borg-Warner 3 spd auto
Top Speed:
106+ mph
Number Built:
4 star
Jaguar Mk.VIII
The 1956 - 1959 Jaguar Mark VIII was a slightly heavier replacement for the Mark VII/VIIM sedans. It featured minor styling changes and more power, but was otherwise the same.

The car shared its 10 feet (3,048.0 mm) wheelbase with its predecessor, however, the interior fittings were more luxurious than those of the Mark VII.

Distinguishing visually between the models is facilitated by changes to the front grill. In addition, whereas the Mark VII had incorporated a two piece front windscreen, the Mark VIII featured a one piece slightly curved screen.

The Mark VIII also inherited from its predecessor the 3442 cc straight six engine which it shared with the Jaguar XK150 that appeared the same year. The engine was fitted with twin SU carburetors, output of the XK twincam six was boosted from 190 to 210 bhp for this application, about one horsepower per cubic inch.

While a manual four speed transmission was standard, you could option an overdrive although most buyers decided instead to opt for the Borg-Warner automatic transmission. Unfortunately though all came with drum brakes.

As previously mentioned, the advertised engine output was increased to 210 bhp (156.6 kW): the claimed top speed was in excess of 106 mph (170 km/h) was impressive, given the car's bulk. After a two year production run the Mark VIII was replaced by the Jaguar Mark IX: 6,332 Mark VIIIs had by then been produced.

Identification points include a one-piece instead of split windshield, two-tone paint, a bolder grille, reshaped seats, and more luxurious interior trim.

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