Jaguar Mk. V

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Jaguar Mk. V

1948 - 1951
United Kingdom
6 cyl. OHV
2664 cc
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
87 mph
Number Built:
5 star
At the 1948 Motor Show, Jaguar was to unveil both the Mk. V and XK 120 – the first new design post war Jaguars.

The Mk. V was available with either a 2.5 liter or 3.5 liter engine, the smaller capacity 2.5 being the "entry" model for the Mk V range.

Although pre-war “SS” cars were renamed Jaguar, the entry level 1.5 liter model was hideously underpowered, particularly in light of the fact that Jaguar quality inevitably resulted in sizeable weight!

Jaguar engineers knew the 1.5 would not be able to haul the new Mk. V, and so thankfully decided on using the Standard Motors 2664cc engine instead.

It is reported that the Jaguar engineers wanted to use the same engine as was being fitted to the XK 120, however the production line for the engine was still being geared up and could barely cope with the output required to fit to the XK.

As could be expected, the added power offered by the 3.5 liter made the Mk. V a much better drive. The 3485cc power plant was also derived from Standard Motors, and had already proved itself in earlier "SS" models.

Despite now being quite long in the tooth, the engine offered the 3.5 liter versions of the Mk. V good, though not breathtaking performance.

The 3.5 was also available in either a choice of four door saloon or elegant drop head coupe coachwork - and amazingly the drop head being priced identically to the four door.

The styling was an intriguing blend of old and modern, its lines being traditional and yet incorporating modern features such as faired-in headlamps and mudguards (wings/fenders). It is interesting to note that the Mk. V and XK were the first cars to be designed and manufactured solely under the “Jaguar” brand.

Prior to the war, SS cars had developed a solid reputation for building high quality and desirable motor cars – however in post war Europe the company was obviously aware that trading under the name “SS Cars” was no longer possible.

The well built, traditionally styled Mk V sold well until being replaced by the more modern Mk VII in 1951. Today it is considered one of the most sought after Wedding cars.

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