Humber Super Snipe

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Humber Super Snipe Series I - V

1958 - 1967
United Kingdom
Six Cylinder OHV
2655 cc (Series I) 2965cc (Series II - V)
105 bhp (Series I), 121 bhp (Series II - III), 124.5 bhp (Series IV), 128.5 bhp (Series V)
3 speed man (with overdrive) and 3 speed auto
Top Speed:
100 mph (Series V)
Number Built:
2 star
The Series I Super Snipe was introduced in 1958 with a 2655cc Six Cylinder engine, and sharing the same bodyshell as its smaller engined stablemate, the Humber Hawk, which used a 2267cc four cylinder engine. Although mainly sold as a "saloon", other versions of the vehicle included the "limouisine" and "estate" models.

The Super Snipe featured a 3 speed manual transmission with optional overdrive - early examples had the overdrive available on both second and third gears, however later models would have the overdrive restricted to 3rd gear only.

Available as an option (and in keeping with the luxurious nature of the car) was the ever-reliable three speed Borg Warner auto.

1960 saw the introduction of a larger 2965cc engine for the series III. This engine would remain unchanged (except for different carburetor setups) right up to the last Humber made, the Series V of 1967. Also introduced that year was the familiar 4 headlamp setup. Claimed by many to be a first for the British car industry, particularly on medium priced sedans, the extra headlights at least made it easy to distinguish a Series 3 from its predecessors.

The Series V, introduced in late 1964, was squared up considerably in comparison to the previous Series I to IV models which had all shared the same basic shell. The Series V also sported twin Stromberg 175 carbutors, boosting power to 128 hp and propelling the car up to speeds close to 100 mph (160 km/h).

In 1968 the Super Snipe was discontinued, and the Hillman Hunter style of Humber Sceptre that was previously based on a Hillman Super Minx bodyshell took its place as the last model of Humber available, being continued up to 1976.

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